Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cleared to proceed

I spent this week going through medical exams and taking care of paperwork before I mobilize. I am lucky that the processing center is close to home. Some others have already had to say their final goodbyes.
I have had a lot of "white space" lately while waiting between people to poke and prod me. "White space" is what the military calls down time.
My body has stopped cooperating with me when it comes to sleep. I have a very difficult time sleeping lately- which leaves me drained throughout the day. I guess in a few days it won't matter because someone else will be dictating when I do EVERYTHING!
I am feeling very strong in my sobriety- though I have to admit I had the most overwhelming craving for a chocolate martini on Tuesday. I have no idea what triggered that. Stress maybe- last time I had a chocolate martini I was in a state of deep depression. I sat at home with a Sams Club size bottle of vodka and drank myself stupid. That was about 7 years ago. I didnt' stop drinking right then- but I can't recall having another one of those!
I am settling in to the thought of being in the middle east for the next year. I am pretty lucky because my job will keep me in a safe place. There are plenty of people processing with me who won't be as fortunate as I am. Please say a prayer for them.
I am headed out on Saturday morning for 3 weeks of training and then overseas.


  1. Good luck doesn't seem like the right sentiment as you prepare for this. Thank you for serving and sharing your thoughts as you get ready to go. I admire your positive attitude. I hope that you can keep up your blog when you are in Afghanistan but would make sense if you cannot. Let me take this opportunity now to say......Congratulations on 1 year of sobriety. That is HUGE.

  2. Thought about it a bit more....I will say Good Luck. Please be safe. Will look forward to your stories ...hopefully while you are there but definitely after you return.

  3. I'm praying for you darling and will continue to!