Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finishing What I Started

I am headed back to Afghanistan tomorrow. It will most likely take me 3 days standing in line, waiting, and flying to get back. It has been a wonderful bit of time off. I have been taking advantage of the time to relax and have had some wonderful conversations with my family. We have eaten out, shopped, and had ice cream for breakfast! I have appx 6 months to go.
We had a few people over for a boxing match this weekend. Most of our friends do not drink when they come over because we don't let them drive if they have been drinking. However, our neighbors came over with a bottle of liquor. While it wasn't a challenge for me not drink it was a pretty big eye opener as to how obnoxious drunk people can be. One of the guys who was here had way too much to drink. Looking back I bet I would have seen his antics as hilarious back when I was drinking. My husband told him at the end of the night (and again the next day so he'd remember) that he would NOT ever been drinking in our house again.
I am so glad to be sober.


  1. I'm always fascinated when those moments occur around me, fascinated & grateful that grace delivered me from that

  2. thanks for the great post, and I LIKE your husband!

  3. Safe trip back, it is amazing how we most likely were just like that man, but I like how your husband is so supportive of you!!

    Best of luck to you, thank you for your service and lots of love!!

  4. I am grateful to be delivered from that mess...and ladies- I am so blessed to have my husband. He's been a non-drinker for many many many years and he is my biggest suppport.