Friday, February 10, 2012

600 Days Sober

Today marks day 600. 600 days sober- imagine that.
I am beginning to look for support groups when I get back. I will likely find an AA meeting that I can attend. I haven't been yet- and it almost seems weird to start going after two years sober- but my major support system (my husband) will be here in Afghanistan by the time I get home....


  1. congratulations! how miserable that your husband will have to be away when you get back. but i suppose it will give you the chance to build up your own support network through aa. i have made a load of friends through aa and they have become a huge part of my recovery, both through me supporting them and them supporting me.

    i have huge respect for you and what you have done!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. My husband being gone isn't the best case scenario but it is one we will manage. I do need to work on my ability to "put myself out there" for new friends. I have always been a keep to myself kind of person- never really liked groups.... I'll just have to take a chance...