Friday, April 1, 2011

Am I An Alcoholic?

I asked myself that question many times, and odds are if you ask yourself that question you probably are.
Several co-workers took an “am I an alcoholic?” test the other day. Some of them took it in good fun but it got me thinking about how many times I asked myself that question.
I always tried to rationalize my drinking. I used to ask my friends if THEY thought I was an alcoholic. “Of course not! Because if you are, that means I am- and I definitely don’t want to be one.”  
I am an alcoholic. I will always be one. If you are too then do something about it. Take action to make yourself healthy again. The toughest part is deciding to get sober and meaning it.  There are many ways to get sober- pick one and get to it. You’re the only one stopping you!


  1. AMEN. When I talk about my alcoholism people are taken aback. Often they're surprised that I'm not ashamed...or I hit too close for them and their behaviors.

  2. Thank you for posting this - people are often surprized that I'm not ashamed too - and when I tell them it's the best thing that ever happened to me, they're definitely puzzled. But if it helps just one person find the courage, then it's worth all of the crazy looks!

  3. I'm so glad there are ways that work for everyone, I'm fascinated by those who can just decide not to and it works for them. I made many decisions, I always went back. I'm glad I was gifted with the lifting of the obsession and compulsion. Cause the insane thinking about it all the time and it consuming me all the time thinking about drinking, thinking about not drinking, thinking thinking thinking... it was enough to drive a gal insane.

    So SO glad some people can escape the curse of that thinking and still be sober and happy :)

  4. well posted, How many of us truly want to admit, we have a problem. Then We have to take responsibility, and do something about it. As well what concept do we have when we think of an alcoholic. I used to think that an alcoholic, was that guy in the old dirty trench coat, scraggly grey hair, stinking of urine and feces. So I wasn't that bad, so I'm not an alcoholic. Then We get lucky enough to find someone and we learn the truth. But only if we are willing to accept it. Luckily My Higher Power gave me a moment of clarity at the right time.

  5. nice to find the site. look forward to seeing more.