Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am stressed the F*** out! Tomorrow is my last day at work before I go active duty military to prepare for my deployment to Afghanistan.
Of course- that couldn't be enough- now we are sitting here with the fear that we might not even get paid! Stupid politicians!
All this transitional stress has really got my mind feeling a little looney.
Drinking has been on my mind a lot the last day or two. I went to lunch with a co-worker and once again realized how truly easy it must be to just make up your mind that you can have a drink.
Tomorrow I have to say goodbye (for now) to a job I have truly enjoyed with people who are pretty awesome. Change is a pain in the ass.


  1. Praying for you here my friend, I'm happy to read that you didn't pick up a drink. Give yourself credit and fortify your program, meetings, pray, talk to your sponsor.

  2. Please take care of yourself. I am so happy you are talking about the drink, instead of just taking it!! I can't even imagine what you are going through. Please know we are all thinking of you!!

  3. Dear Lovely Lady, Those freakin politicians AGAIN, 70 to 90% of the worlds problems are do to those greedy son of a guns
    Good News I just Read that the budget has been resolved

    Of course Your Stessed, in your situation, who wouldn't be, it's perfectly natural and to be expected, All you need is a little (or a lot) of love cuddling and some pampering, (YOU Deserve It) Spend time with you closest friends and loved ones, allow them to just love you and tell you everything will be OK. A little quite time with you Higher Power wouldn't hurt either.

    Oh Yeah of course you know that there is no problem that a drink or a drug, will cure or get rid of, and if you are anything like me will just make worse and add shame and guilt,
    Love You and will Pray for you and Yours