Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Ready

My surgery date is scheduled for February 15th. I am happy it is not anything too major- just a "tune up" so to speak.  I have done as much as I can so that my work is not interrupted and have been talking a lot to my husband. I have to giggle a little bit because as much as he truly truly loves me- he sure sucks at caregiving when I am sick. I think if he had his way I would lay in bed for 2 months without moving. I have been breaking him into what my needs are going to be and how I need to move around as much as I am comfortable with.
Monday was my birthday so we spent the weekend hanging out together. I am much more comfortable talking to him about alcoholism now- I guess maybe the farther away I am from it the easier it gets. He asked me how long I had gone without drinking and said we'd have to celebrate when I reach one year. It's nice to know that when he says "celebrate" alcohol never crosses his mind. As an alcoholic that used to be impossible for me to separate celebrating and alcohol. 
But I am rambling. I think it's time for a nice nap.  


  1. We share a birthday week!
    I can understand what you mean about opening up, for me it's been a slow, wonderful process with my hubby. To be truly open with him has been wonderful but frightening at times.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    It is frightening to me to share with my husband. I really don't want him to see how truly weak I was when it came to alcohol.