Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Surgery went complaints with the exception of a little chaos in the post-op overnight and getting checked out later than expected.
I am home now and resting. Thankfully I am in less pain than I thought I would be.
My husband is working hard on being good to me- poor thing is just so inept at being a care taker. We are definitely having "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus" moments. I do think that he just loves and cares about me so much that he doesn't know exactly how to help- and of course I am overly sensitive with the pain and medication.
Last time I had surgery I was more than happy to include alcohol with my pain medication. It was an opportunity to be intoxicated when I had an excuse. I am thankful everyday to not be in that place anymore.
Lately though, honestly, I have been forgetting that I am an alcoholic. I have not been tempted to drink, but it is just a reminder to always be diligent- and that there are times when I won't feel like alcohol is such an evil thing to me. But of course I remember. I am so glad to be sober.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're doing well with your recovery from surgery. We as women aren't the best patients lol. Poor hubby ;)
    I also tend to overlook being an alcoholic because I don't thirst for it and it's just not often around me. It's wonderful to have reminders and this is one of the reasons I go to AA often ;) To keep plugged in.
    Wishing you well and lots of rest.

  2. get well soon. i too have a husband who is freaked out when i'm poorly so i understand what you say!

  3. I love AA for the ability it has to keep me in the process of helping others who find themselves without an answer when they want to quit drinking and can't on their own power. :)

    Both a good reminder of where I was and a perfect place to use my experience to help others

    Glad to hear you got through the surgery ok. Hope you continue to heal quickly!

    Take care!

  4. It must be a relief to have surgery behind you. I don't think too much about my previous addiction except when I 'm writing about it. Like you though, I'm grateful to live a sober life, and a grateful person is not likely to give sobriety up easily.

  5. I'm catching up on my blog reading today. I hope your recovery from surgery was as comfortable as possible.