Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have been very busy healing (read being a lazy bum, eating, sleeping, wash, rinse, repeat.) I have noticed that when I am idle like this I think more about drinking. I am quite sure pain medication didn't help either. I guess it's good that I keep busy all the time. I stopped taking the pain meds as soon as it was realistic. I didn't realize what little effect they had on me when they weren't combined with alcohol. My husband watched in amazement because they didn't put me right to sleep. I swear he could lick an aspirin and be out for hours. 
I used to brag about high tolerance- now- not so much. 
I go back to work next week. I am glad to get back in the saddle but not so happy about going back to my home away from home in the city.  


  1. Glad your healing up nicely!!! Enjoy the rest while you can!! It is hard to not be able to do things. Our addicted minds are funny, they do just want to lead us back down the wrong path!!

    Take care of yourself!!!

  2. I'm glad you're doing well too, maybe fill the quiet times with AA reading when you have the energy, or blogs from fellow recovery folks ;)

  3. Hi I just came across your blog - writing about your process is a great tool for staying sober, nice work! Wishing you speedy recovery from surgery. Literature and phone calls help fill the down time... :) Be well!

  4. Good luck. AA reading and participation in meetings (Even online) as you can can help tremendously. I attended a great big book study on line every M-W-F for 2 1/2 years at which resulted from a search after I had emergency intestinal surgery and was laid up and desperately wanting to continue to be present at AA.

  5. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the positive words and suggestions.