Friday, June 25, 2010

A Guilty Conscience.....

My husband is a reality show junkie. He watches everything from Maury to Jerry and everything in between. He watches the ridiculous dating shows on VH1 and MTV. Every once in a while (when he has lured me into the living room to watch TV with him) a show about addiction will come on. Though my husband is a very smart guy- he is no way that calculating to use that as an intervention for me. I have been hiding the true nature of my drinking habit from him for quite a while now (upwards of 3 years but thats another days blog). When this sketch came on I had that feeling again, like somehow he was on to me and he wanted me to watch this clip with him to get his point across- I was wrong- he just thought it was funny. I didn't laugh so much.... I guess the truth hurts more than I thought. 

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