Monday, June 21, 2010

Hour 18 of Day 1

Strangely enough, I get discouraged when I read about people in recovery who have been sober for years, especially when I usually get to day 1 and think about starting tomorrow! Today was a good day...spent it at the water park with my kids- they were kind enough to decide to come home early before I got fried! It's funny when you venture into sobriety you notice every place that serves alcohol. It is exactly opposite when I want a drink.
So here we are- 8pm, day one. My husband has my kids hostage in the living room watching "The Wiz" (they are his step-children). Time for me to throw something together for dinner. Grilled salmon sounds good..or maybe blackened tuna.
One thing for sure, I need to break that habit of grabbing a drink when I get home.

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