Wednesday, August 4, 2010

“The busy have no time for tears” (lord byron)

It's easier to be sober when you are busy. I have been working and doing two workouts a day this week. It definitely takes away from opportunities to sit around and dwell about not drinking. I feel much healthier these days, my thinking is a lot sharper (I actually remember stuff), and my skin is looking a lot better. Though I have been dieting and exercising I think not drinking has had a lot to do with my face not looking so puffy lately, and my skin is appreciating the lack of poisons that I had consistently put in my body. When I am in hot yoga I imagine all the sweat to be all of the toxins in my body leaving. 

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  1. hi, it's me daisy.

    did you know i am an esthetician? everything you say here is true. and don't forget about the broken capillaries across the nose and cheeks that come from years of alcohol abuse. i see it all the time. and you are right, yoga is the best.

    happy weekend