Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lifestyle Changes

Tomorrow I am set to begin another part of the lifestyle changes in an effort to make myself much healthier.
#1-Computer habits- I am putting myself on a computer diet- no more endless sitting here on my couch with my laptop on my lap.  Please rest assured that less than daily posts are no indication of my sobriety! (see schedule changes)
#2-  Eating habits- I already eat relatively healthy- but it's time to put that on the forefront. My husband is having some stomach/glucose issues and so I will start planning his meals accordingly. I will continue to monitor my calorie intake but be more diligent about eating clean. More protein, healthy carbs and lots of fruits and vegetables. No more than 1200 calories a day until my workout plan requires me to consume more calories. 
#3- Start triathlon training- I have a pretty intense 12 week plan to get myself back in shape. Unfortunately Tri season ends before I will be where I need to be- so barring any injury I will participate in a 5k on Oct. 30th. Then continue training for next season of Triathlons. 
#4- Hot Yoga- If you haven't tried it- you should. Hot Yoga is wonderful. Yoga in a room heated to 96+ degrees for an hour. You absolutely cannot think about anything else when you are practicing. I am aiming for 4 days per week. 
#5- Read!- If I have any time left I really need to start reading again. 
Getting sober has been a catalyst to make myself a better person all around. I have gone 42 days without poisoning my body. Now it's time to take it to the next level. 


  1. i love your list!

    one of the things i'm looking forward to doing again is reading. reading a "real" book. something other than addiction/recovery material. over the last 4 years i've only been able to read a few books. my concentration level just hasn't been there. seeing this on your list inspires me that it may be time to try again. thanks.


  2. hi, i just wanted to let you know that i went to the library today and picked up a "real" book and i'm gonna open it tonight after my bath.

    also, tonight we went out to dinner and i ordered a voss sparkling water. it was so good! it comes in a really pretty bottle and for a minute there i was a hipster.