Sunday, August 1, 2010

News Flash

Every time I go to one of my favorite restaurants I have to learn to say no to alcohol all over again (who knew?). For dinner tonight we went to our favorite Italian place. I usually (read always) ordered white wine with dinner. They even came around with samples of some new wine they were showcasing. When I first went in I felt that little panicky feeling I get when presented with the choice to drink, and felt that way a few other times during the evening. BUT- I was triumphant and did not have a drink. My point is- I see that even when you think you are out of the the thick of it you have to be careful not to get caught up in routine or habits. I know now that every time I go to a place I have already been I will have to prepare myself mentally for saying no to alcohol for the very first time- again. 
On another note- this song is special to me. It was the song I played in my car when I packed up my life and drove across country to start life on my own terms. And here I am again- learning to live life on my own terms. 


  1. sounds like you had a really nice evening.

    i wonder if this is something you could use to help ease into a new habit. i don't drink but when we go out i like the ritual of ordering something special like all the drinkers at the table do so i started ording sparkling water. i love them b/c it's not plain old water, most good restaurants carry a variety of them, they look cool, they taste good with foods. anyway, i've turned into a sparkling water affeciando, maybe you can too! it's just a suggestion.


  2. Great suggestion! Coffee has become my beverage of choice in the mornings now- and I will usually order a Shirley Temple when I eat out.