Friday, September 3, 2010

All kinds of stuff

I got a job offer- hurray! Just have to finish up some paperwork and I'll get a start date. This means that I will have to rent a room in the metro area and commute home on weekends. Hubby isn't too happy about it- but it has to be done.
I've had more dreams of relapse lately. They are kinda making me crazy- though they are definitely a reminder that I am going to feel like an ass if I drink.
I have also realized that I drink a lot when I'm bored, or after driving... lol. Hell- I'm an alcoholic- I guess I just want to drink all the time. The thought of drinking has been crossing my mind a lot lately. Thankfully those damn dreams that it's not ok.
There have been a few times that I really wish I wasn't an alcoholic so that I could drink normally- but I know I can't.
This blog has been disjointed- but I have a lot on my mind I guess. Stepping out of one comfort zone into another....

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  1. you sound like you are getting stronger. that is so awesome.