Friday, September 17, 2010


My husband is the greatest partner I could possibly have.
A few days ago he asked me what it was that I normally drank when we went out. I told him I didn’t drink anymore. He asked me “you’re not even going to drink when we got out to the club?” and I told him no.
  Fast forward to Tuesday- I had to take him to the E.R. for pain in his lower abdomen. They triaged him right in and started running some tests. In the mean time they gave him a dose of dilaudid for his pain. In the midst of him trying to keep his wits about him we started talking. He asked me why it was that I decided to stop drinking. AHH.. my moment of truth. Now was my chance to tell him how it was…and I did. I told him I was pretty sure that I was an alcoholic.
The conversation continued when after he was discharged and a little more coherent. He asked me if there was anything I needed him to do to help me. I told him that there would never be a time when it would be ok for me to drink. Even if I told him 5 years from now that I could handle a drink- that I couldn’t.
He told me he was proud of me. Very, very proud.  He told me I was strong.
I am blessed.


  1. It's wonderful to have a partner to lean against and to tell me I'm doing well... truly is a blessing.

    Is he OK? --G

  2. yes G it is wonderful. And he is fine- just a strained muscle. I keep telling him he's too old to work out like a teenager! lol