Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mad but.... Triumphant!?!?

Today someone made me mad. Really really really mad. When I say mad- I mean red faced, eyes bulging, sweating, cursing mad!! I'm still kinda mad to tell you the truth!
BUT..... for the first time EVER I did NOT feel like I wanted to go have a drink. As a matter of fact- the only time I thought about alcohol was in my thinking that "wow- this would usually drive me to want to throw a few back." But I didn't feel like that.This is a monumental moment in my sobriety. Today I am 4 months sober. 
Instead of drinking today to blow off steam I will be going to the gym.... I'm pretty damn proud of myself. 


  1. A belated congrats on 4 months for you!

    What did you do to manage your anger that enabled you not to think of a drink?

  2. Nice post, Awesome, well done. Congrats on 4 months:)