Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabotage I Tell You!!!!

I made my long drive home last night for the weekend. When I got home my husband and I decided to go to a little Grille to grab some dinner. I had a good week of eating healthy and clean so I was having a major craving for a greasy cheeseburger!! We sat down and the waitress asked us for our drink order. My husband ordered a virgin pina colada and I asked for my non alchy fave - a shirley temple. (speaking of that a cop in a restaurant teased me the other day about ordering a shirley temple!) Anyways- back to the story. The waitress came back with a virgin pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri. I told her I had ordered a shirley temple but the daquiri  looked so yummy that I said that I would keep it- (thinking it would be virgin like my husbands since I had originally ordered a non-alcoholic drink and thinking that since my husband ordered a virgin drink she would have brought me the same.) Before my I stuck my straw in to take a drink my husband asks the waitress if it had alcohol in it. IT DID! Blech! Sabotage!!!! 
I pushed it away and told her that I wouldn't drink it and to please bring me my original drink of a shirley temple. 
Lessons learned here: 
Thank God I had shared with my husband that I was an alcoholic and that there was no circumstance in which I should drink again. If he hadn't asked if that drink had alcohol in it who knows what kind of spiral it would have caused. 
Sometimes- no matter how hard you try there will be some bizarre circumstance like this that will test your will. 

I was shaken by the incident. At this exact moment it doesn't seem to be that big of deal...but it certainly was last night. 
Oh- and she still messed up my drink order- she brought me back another daquiri- this time with NO alcohol. 


  1. I remember a friend of mine was 5 year sober and somebody spiked his coke with vodka - they thought it was funny. He was devastated by it for a couple of days, but eventually reason prevailed.

  2. It seems that no matter where we go, the reality of our disease is ever present. "Normal" people, for the most part, just don't understand it. Thanks for this post, it's a perspective I seriously needed to revisit!