Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Candid conversations

I miss my husband a lot. It's amazing what a little time away will do for a relationship. The time apart is really reminded us not to take each other for granted. When I went home this weekend I think we stayed right beside each other every moment that we could.
Recently we had been having a conversation about some old friends. He asked me how I could just "dump" them like that. I explained to him that they didn't know how to have fun without involving alcohol and I really didn't need that in my life. I guess he didn't believe me because he friended one of them on facebook. I was SO mad at him.... Turns out he got the answer himself- the first thing my friend told him was to tell me 'hi' and that we needed to go out for drinks.
He told me all this and then told me how proud he was of me, how he had known this was a problem for me for a while. I really love him.

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