Thursday, October 7, 2010

Staying Busy

The new job is going well- boring.. but nothing to complain about. One of my co-workers is all over the place with her organization and work habits- but not much I can do about that other than keep doing my job.
I also got another little part time thing going on and that has really helped with the transition. It takes up more time and adds a little money to take off the stress of the extra expense of me living away from home.
The initial shock of being up here by myself has worn off a little. I am not walking by restaurants thinking about happy hour. My roommate still has beer in the fridge- though it is not staring me directly in the face every time I open the fridge.
I was contemplating beginning to take anti-depressants again but my husband encouraged me to give exercise a try before I do. I think I will try that.
So far I have marked a few things off my list- got a job, got a part time job, started taking classes. Now I have to find and then make time to go to the gym. I really want to find time to start going to a meditation class but haven't managed to find one that fits with my schedule.


  1. I have found that meditation has been such a great help for me. In fact it is a cornerstone of my recovery. One of the real benefits is that it builds concentration and this improves every area of my life - it allows me to see my thoughts for what they are. There are many online resources where you can learn about mindfulness/meditation.

    You are doing well so just keep going. It really does get better.

  2. Hey Paul,
    It is getting better... I was looking into a Shamnhala meditation center - though I don't know much about it. Right now none of the sessions fit into my work schedule- but I am still on the lookout.

  3. That sounds good. I don't know much about Shamnhala; I'll have to look into it. Hopefully you will find something that fits in with your schedule. I look forward to reading about it on your blog.