Sunday, July 18, 2010

4 weeks down...

At the end of the day today I will mark 28 days of sobriety. Feels pretty good. A few things have happened over the last day or two that have me wondering how it will all turn out. 
Last night I was chatting on FB with one of my husbands female friends. We haven't met yet, but have talked superficially once in a while. We found out we have a few things in common... but while we were chatting she excused herself for a minute to go refill her wine....Usually thats my line. She went on to tell me how she can't sleep and so she usually just drinks herself to sleep. We also shared our concerns about our body images and so forth. It was like I was talking to myself. It was the first time I could have had the opportunity to talk to someone about their drinking- but I didn't. Not yet anyways. I even asked myself if it was even my place to do that. I mean- I'm not even a month sober...who the hell am I to talk to someone about their drinking problem. You could probably still smell liqour on my breath I'm such a newbie to sobriety! Our conversation was short-but it is one I anticipate we will have again. 
My husband and I are planning a cook-out. This might be the first time I will feel any sort of pressure to drink, and to date it is the only time I feel like it might be a little more difficult to say no. I guess having the foresight to know it might be an issue might help. I just know that once I pick up that bottle it will all be right back to where I started! 
On another note- I have been doing really well with going to the gym and working out. I am definitely starting to feel a lot better about myself. I do notice though, that now that I am not drinking I am a lot more optimistic about keeping the weight off this time. I am also considering starting to train for a triathlon (sprint only) as a way to help keep me motivated. I was initially just thinking about doing a 5k- but I figure I will aim higher and might just pick up a 5K somewhere in the process of my training. I don't have any definite plans to compete- just started on my workout plan. Now that I have all this extra time on my hands. 

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