Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today marks two years that I have been married! I have been blessed to find someone that I get along so well with. Even when he is really making me crazy I still love him- and he can always make me laugh. I think we spend more time giggling and laughing together than either of us ever have in our lives! Even when we talk on the phone we are laughing at/with each other. We have a relationship that other people have often told us they wanted for themselves. Like somehow our relationship is what they are striving for. What an awesome thing to experience by two people who never thought they would get remarried. 

I honestly think my husband is my saving grace. Even though I spent the last few years hiding my drinking from him it was because I didn't want to disappoint him (I hope thats not me rationalizing- it just kind of is what it is). When I first talked to him about my drinking problem he was very supportive- and even when I started drinking again (initially in moderation) he thought I had it under control. I never wanted him to know I had lost control again. He saves me everyday by being a non-drinker. I don't have to worry about coming home to someone who bought a bottle of wine for our anniversary. He never asks me why I'm not having a before dinner drink... or why I chose not to drink on any given outing. To him- not drinking is normal. Having dated plenty of men who did drink like I did- this is such a blessing. Even though he doesn't know how much he helps me everyday- he does. And I know eventually as I keep adding to that sobriety counter that I will be able to tell him that I lost control again and how much I appreciate him just being him. 

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  1. congratulations on your anniversay. it sounds like you two have something very special. we've been married for 30 years now and i know that time is no measure for how good a marriage is. ours just is, time isn't the measure. have a healthy, happy evening.