Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Less focus on the time..more focus on me

I have become less obsessed with watching that clock increase the amount of time I have been sober. I have made it past two weeks now...hooray for me! 
Several things I have noticed- alcohol is not on my mind every second. I have broken several of my habits when it comes to drinking. I have been in several situations where it would have been acceptable, maybe even expected, for me to drink and I didn't. A co-worker today said something about drinking and told her I wasn't drinking anymore. She said "Until.....?" I didn't know what to say. Like somehow saying out loud that I will never drink again seems like I might sabotage myself. I told her I didn't have a timeline- I just wasn't drinking. 
I also realize how easy it would be to fall right back into the routine of drinking. How easy it is to just grab something and end all the time and effort I have put in to staying sober. 
I have a lot more work to do.... But, I focus less on the time, and more on what I am going to do with all the time I now have on my hands. 

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